Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last Day of March.

It actually went faster than I expected. Now June just needs to come here quickly! :p

I read some good books this month. For example, Delirium by Lauren Oliver.



But i have to wait until 2012 :(

I also got into The Hunger Games series, and when I say got into, I mean got obsessed with...

I want this necklace from Hot Topic really badly.
It's the MockingJay symbol from the cover, and also like the pin that Katniss wears in the book. I also realized this month that I need to make some new friends. My friends are terrible and sucky and I need some great ones. I'm tired of being treated like a waste of their time. The problem is making new friends. It's a lot harder in high school. Lent is almost over.. soon I'll be able to eat cookies again :D I've gone this whole month without eating a big cookie from my school and I NEED ONE NOW. In english class we are going to start reading To Kill a Mockingbird. I'm looking forward to it because I've wanted to read that for a while now and I heard its really good. Hope your March was good :)


Devin said...

To Kill a Mockingbird is a great book. Once I was in the play.
I get what you mean about your 6th grade for some reason I wanted these girls to accept me and befriend me so bad I let them push me around. Even though they made fun of me to my face, and purposely plotted against me, I guess I felt like I had no other friends, which I know now isn't true because I have some of the most amazing friends ever now.
I LOVE THAT NECKLACE! UGH I WANT IT NOW! The Hunger Games is simply amazing.
Great post:)

Munch said...

Ack! I'm so mad at myself for not reading Delirium yet. I'm so ashamed :) One of my friends has the Mockingjay necklace. It's really cool! I have the pin, but I suggest you get the necklace because the pin is really hard to find and mine cost like, 40 dollars. It's a little much for a pin.
We have yet to read To Kill a Mockingbird, but I'm excited for when we do!

Paige said...

@ Devin.. I'm glad it's good because then I actually won't mind reading it and I won't have to force myself to read on. Like the last book we did in english was terrible so I did bad on it because I hated it, so hopefully this one I'll be able to focus on and understand.

And aw, my "friends" are kind of like that too. and I know isnt it amazing!? I'm almost done with Catching fire!

@ Munch.. YOU NEED TO READ DELIRIUM! It is so amazing! and yeah I was looking at some of the pins on ebay and they r really expensive so I'll prob just stick to the necklace.
and yeah hopefully you'll read it soon!
btw.. what is your blog Munch? It's not on your profile so I don't think i'm following you.. I want to though because you are so nice!

Munch said...

Aw, thanks Paige! You are so nice too! :)
The URL to my blog is:
I only post occasionally, though. The main poster is someone else, but we would appreciate your follow! It's not the most popular blog...