Saturday, January 8, 2011

New & improved pitch for my still untitled story.

---"Life, it's a funny little thing, isn't it? Until now, mine was a breeze. Now it's been thrown at me like a wrecking ball."

"Sometimes you trust too many people, and they don't deserve it at all. I've been lied to my entire life, and I'm just finding this out now. Turns out the people I thought I could truly trust, shattered that relationship like a broken vase. I'm stuck in the middle now, not sure where to turn, going insane. Now that I know the ugly truth hidden behind their eyes, I'm hopelessly lost."

Dakota Wright thought she had everything. Popularity, a great boyfriend, the latest fashions, and incredible dancing skills. Once she leaves the dull Rexford High and enters The San Diego School of Preforming Arts, her world is turned upside down. She's no longer the Queen- Be of the school, and she'll go to new heights to get her crown back. Her boyfriend and Rexford friends aren't as trustful as she thought they were. Dakota also thought she was such an amazing dancer until she met the students here. Then to top it all, she discovers a horrible family secret that will change everything and alter her life forever. Her poor little mind will just be blown away into a confused jumble. Are you prepared? Because Dakota definitely isn't.-----

What do you guys think? I think this one is way better than the old one because it actually gives you a hint at some stuff that will happen in the story. I have the prologue and first chapter rough drafts done, but they still need major work.
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Amaranthine said...

I like this pitch. I never say this, but I actually can't wait to read it! It sounds great-if you need any help with editing, ideas, or planning, feel free to send an outline to

Paige W said...

@Thanks so much! :D