Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I need your help followers! Prologue or no Prologue?

So I've posted a bunch of times about the new book I'm beginning to write. If you haven't seen any posts about it, look around, you'll see them. Just scroll down like two or three posts and you'll find one about it.

I want this story to be mystery-ish. In the story my character discovers a really serious family secret. In the prologue, I wrote the scene where it happens. But, since I want it to be a mystery, should I not include that? Because then the character AND the reader won't know what's happening.

Or should I leave it in?

Thanks darlings <3


Evie J said...

If you want your readers to be as clueless as the MC, then I'd leave it out. However, since I haven't read this prologue, I can't make a solid yes or no.

If, say, the prologue didn't give away anything important, then I'd go for the intrigue factor only. Take out names, for example, or make it a scene in which later on people will remember but then twist the outcome.

Though, if you can pull your reader in with the first chapter and have the mystery element strong enough throughout, I'd leave it out. :)

Paige W said...

@Evie J Thanks so much! I'll probably take all the names out and do what you said, :D