Monday, January 31, 2011

Goodbye January 2011

Well the first month of 2011 flew by , it seems like Christmas was just yesterday!
I'm glad this month is gone. It hasn't really been a good one for me. I hope February is better.
Hope you all had a great January and thank you all for following me! I got a lot of new ones this month!

On another note..

I have a bad writing habit and I need to stop doing it! I tend to switch tenses a lot, and I don't even know I'm doing it. When I write I use 1st person past tense. And sometimes I'll switch to present tense without even realizing it. I do something like this-

"I didn't want to join the team, those girls don't know what real basketball is."

I need to stop doing it but I'm not sure how to break the habit. I mean I guess I could just revise my writing more, but sometimes I don't even catch it. Any suggestions on breaking it?

On ANOTHER note..

I wish we had to write books in English class. It seems like everyone else is assigned to write a story in their English class but our school doesn't! All we do is dumb, boring essays on topics from like the 1800's. It's annoying because you can't be creative with essays! I hope their some type of writing elective at my school, because I'll definatley take it!

Well this was a random post.. well here's a cool picture :)


brookie. said...

I HAVE THAT EXACT SAME HABIT! So, I'm sorry, but I don't really have any tips to fix it :( Ugh, I hate when teachers assign those boring essays! And there all, "be creative!" But how are you supossed to be crative about something that happened, like, 300 years ago?