Friday, December 24, 2010

We miss him.

Where has the time gone? It is Christmas eve! Like WOW. Before I know it I'll be graduating high school.. (YAY!!!)

Every Christmas eve we go to my Aunt's house with a bunch of my other Aunt's and Uncles and cousins.
This is the First Christmas without my Uncle Timmy. He passed away on Easter Sunday 2010 when he lost his battle with skin cancer. All my relatives were at my house and it was like a cry fest. I'm not kidding. He was a great and kind man and thought of others over himself. It will be very different this year without him.

Since he was such a great man, my cousins and I have decided that he was taken away from us on Easter because he was really needed and really special. I mean if you think about it, all of our family was together so we could comfort each other, and it was EASTER, when Jesus rose to a new life. So we decided that's what Uncle Timmy did too.

My cousin Bailey who is 12 was really upset, and she wrote this little paragraph about him. I think it's cute so I'm sharing it.

"It was Melanoma. Hospus.
Easter Sunday of the year 2010.
God spoke with wisdom in his voice. "Timothy, I will wait to send you to my glorious kingdom until your family is together. For them to comfort each other."
Later that day, uncle Timmy got a box that was gold. Inside was a white dress with a halo, white dress, and a pair of wings that were just his size. It was his time, he knew, to go on the golden elevator in the sky. He put on his gift from god, and slowly walked into the elevator. He pressed the button that read: paradise. Now, today, he watches over each and every one of us. We love you uncle Timmy."

That's her little story. I know you probably all don't care. But maybe you've lost someone special too and can relate a little.

Anyways, Merry Christmas Eve, bless you all.


Momma Too Many said...

Paige...I can so totally relate to you.