Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Rising of the Cupcakes went as planned!

Hope you all had a great Christmas! I would have posted on Christmas day or before now but I was kind of busy at The Rising of the Cupcakes!

What is Rising of the Cupcakes you ask? It's a code name for me taking a trip to see my awesome cousins!

Mary ( and I are very close cousins. She's like my best friend who just happens to be related to me. But the thing is, we live 400 miles apart. I usually only see her and my other cousins there over the summer. But this year I planned an extra trip.
Were so worried because the weekend I planned to go, Mary's state was a State of Emergency! We made it there safe and sound though.

Mary and I decided we should surprise my other cousins and keep the visit a secret. So we did, and we needed a code name for our Facebook Statuses about it. (Because we both love to make statuses about stuff), and we couldn't let my other cousins who also have facebooks see I was coming! So for all they knew, we were talking about cupcakes.

So when they walked in the room where I was sitting, they were like PAIGE!!??!! HOW'D YOU GET HERE?! It was pretty funny. It's always really hard to leave them. But thank God for texting, Facebook, and Blogging.

On another note...

AAAHHH I HAVE 20 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!! Thank you guys! You are the best!