Friday, November 5, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Today was actually a surprisingly good day.

First, I was told I was nominated as a Student of the Month at my school. First of all, I was honored, but also... shocked... because what did I do to deserve it? The other kids that win student of the month are like over-achievers and amazing students. The teacher that's in charge of it wouldn't tell me which teacher nominated me, so I won't know until the school newspaper comes out.

Second, we got our report cards. I actually got the highest grade point average I've ever gotten since High School. I was 0.1 point away from making "High Honors." That kinda angered me, but I'm still glad I made normal Honor Roll!

Lastly, I take a Musical theatre class at school. We have to sing in front of the class, which is not really my favorite thing to do. Bu today after I sang, "What I did for Love," from "A Chorus Line," my teacher and classmates said that was the my best singing performance by far, so that boosted my confidence with singing.

I also got the next book in my favorite series, "Wicked" from "Pretty Little Liars"!

Then tomorrow I'll be dancing at a school event, so it should be fun. Just thought I'd blog about this because I felt like it.

Hope you all have a good weekend!