Monday, January 16, 2012

Why girls hate each other

Hey girls, how you doing?
This post is for all of us.
Three cheers for my first real/ meaningful post in weeks!

Jenna Marbles, the amazing YouTuber I am now obsessed with did a video on this topic, and I am just going to talk about it too. Because, we all have thought about it before.
If you go to a regular high school like myself, there are obviously other girls there. You may like some of them, and hate some of them.
You've seen all the drama and fighting. Facebook wars and Twitter face-off's, we've all seen it.

We're constantly judging each other, sometimes even if we don't mean to.
I judge people all the time. I'm a lot meaner than I say I am.
I'm a hateful little jerk sometimes.
But, aren't we all?

The first things we do when we see another girl- judge her looks/ outfit. I do this all the time.
That shirt is not her color.
Why is she wearing a potato sack?
Those shoes are so last year.
Haha look at her roots! Does she even notice them?
She's clearly not a natural blonde.
She's fat.
She's skinny.
Too short.
Too tall.
What is up with that bird nest on the top of her head? Is that supposed to be hair?
I think she just rolled out of bed and came to school today.
Did she spill a rainbow in her eye shadow today?
Her boobs hanging out... haha whore.

But why? Why do we have these insulting thoughts about each other? I'm not saying I've thought all of these, but I've heard a lot of them and thought some of them.

The Burn Book from Mean Girls is a perfect example

Then we judge their attitude.
Ewh, slut.
She's annoying. 
Wow, she's so retarded.
Way to know all the answers, nerd.
Total lesbian, right there.
Does she think that laugh of hers is attractive?

We're so quick to insult each other.

Yeah.. I'm ashamed to say I do that.

That picture is totally true, but we do it anyway!
Jenna Marbles has the answers.

"Girls, it's not your fault that you hate girls, you were taught how to do this. In fact, everyone was taught how to do this. What I'm talking about is the idea of competition."
This statement explains a lot.
From when we were little, it's all about competition.
In school, it's about who's the smartest. Who makes the highest grades or reads the most books or whatever.
There's talent shows.
Sports. We're taught to want to beat the other team's butts. The idea of winning is good to us.
Everyone is being ranked.

Winning with us sometimes goes to far.
Like, who has the best clothes, hair, makeup, body, etc.
Who has the cutest boyfriend or the most friends. Or who makes the best grades.
Those people are seen as societies winners.
And, who doesn't want to be a winner?
I really don't enjoy losing.

"We all judge each other, and the hatred of it comes from our desire to compete."
If you're like me, you don't enjoy losing. I'd love to be the prettiest girl in school, or the smartest or most popular. I wish I was the best dancer in my academy.
But I'm not.
So what does this cause me to do?

"And if you see a girl that seemingly has all those things, what do you do? You hate her." 
Yep. I hate people that have everything I want, and I'm sure most of you guys do too, don't deny it.

I can think of a girl right now who I despise. Why? Because she has everything and is always favorited. She's pretty, has a great body, tons of friends, a cute boyfriend, good grades, she's an amazing dancer, etc.

She's never actually done anything personally to me, I just hate her success.
I'm sure you all know a person like this in your lives.

(When I say hate, I don't actually hate anyone. Hate is wrong and is wrong in God's eyes. I would only truly completely hate someone if they actually did something to me. I only truly hate one person on this earth, but everyone else I just greatly dislike.)

"All we want to do is see her crumble and fail."
That's all I want. I want her to taste failure for once. It's not fair.
Life isn't fair.
We want these girls we despise to feel how we feel. We want them to know what it's like to be at the bottom.

"As soon as you let go of competing with people, it takes all the pressure off."
She's right. If I would stop caring what people thought of me and stopped wanting to be the best out of everyone, then I wouldn't hate anyone!
But, it's just not that easy.
I will always care what people have to say about me, and I'll always wish to be the best dancer or best looking or whatever.
And, it'll never happen.
So, that's why I hate girls.

"Hey, the one thing I got going for me is that there is only one of me, and that is the best thing that I can offer the world." 
If we all thought like this, then the world of teenagers especially would be such a happier place.
I try to be nice to everyone and be proud of myself, but it's just so hard.
That's why I'm so mean.
People judge me and are jerks to me too, so that makes me mean most of all.

Boys are just like so chill with each other. Girls always have this constant competition going on, so they all hate each other and love to destroy each other's lives.

I'm actually a super nice person if you met me, but on the inside, I really just can't stand some people! You know?
So yeah, that's why girls hate each other in my and Jenna Marbles' eyes. Go check out her video here!
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Megan said...

Love this, Paige. I feel the same way. Boys don't get into cat fights like girls do, and sometimes the guys in our life are much more reliable than our best friend that's a girl.

Devin said...

When I saw the title of this post, I knew immediately you were referencing Jenna Marbles! I think the difference between "mean" girls and "not mean" girls is that the mean ones just choose to show their judgment. Everyone judges, so therefore, technically everyone could be classified as "mean". To me, the mean girls are the ones that showcase their judgement, and pass it on to other people.

Jessica said...

LOL. I just witnessed a facebook catfight, and can testify to this. Seriously, though, I guess I'm just not one of those girls. I'm pretty accepting.

Anonymous said...

Okay, from what I've seen Jenna Marble's videos can be pretty ridiculous...but that one is fantastic. I mean, if you can listen past all her swearing, she's got some really great points, and I love the ones you outlined!!

We're all taught to be competitive - the whole world teaches us to be competitive. It's bred into us, which is a shame, because that just makes it harder to let go of. And when you let go of it, your life isn't just more positive - it's easier!!

Plus, this line right here is pure gold - "Hey, the one thing I got going for me is that there is only one of me, and that is the best thing that I can offer the world."

Totally agree!!

I probably sound like a complete weirdo when I say that I don't hate other people because they have something I don't. I mean, I do sometimes judge people in my head - our brains are practically hardwired to make tiny judgemental observations whenever we see/talk to someone - but I try to be as objective as possible and not hate or judge anyone. I try to avoid drama, because it's just not worth it.

Just remember..."Be the change you wish to see in the world." (Gandhi) We can only change ourselves, but in changing ourselves we can start to change the world.

Bree said...

Hey girl! I tagged you on my blog! (:

Marisa said...

THIS. That is all.

Christa said...

Fascinating. I would have said girls hate each other bc they've been taught to tear each other down instead of build each other up. But I think that's sort of the same thing. Great post, Paige.

andrea chiu said...

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Leslie Lim said...

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