Saturday, October 29, 2011

Let it snow...

Today was the winter's first snow here where I live. I woke up this morning for dance, tired and miserable, then I walked into our kitchen and noticed it was all white outside and more white little flakes were falling from the sky.

This was pretty shocking to me. One, because it's still October. Two, because in all my life I have never seen it snow before Halloween. (Sucks for all those trick or treaters, haha! I'm not even going this year.)

And you know what that means?
We're going to have a bad, bad winter!
And you know what that means?
Tons and tons of school delays and cancellations!

The weather people have been reporting for weeks that this winter here in Pennsylvania is going to be a rough one, and I can't wait! It really didn't snow that much today, like maybe only an inch. But it was still beautiful fluttering down from the sky.
I actually really love snow. Like this morning I was totally miserable and tired before I looked out the window, but seeing that today was the first snow, it just woke me up and brightened my spirits.

I think it's so stunning and awing when it all falls down from the sky. Snow is bright and pretty. (At first anyway.) Rain just depresses me. It's been raining so much lately and I've been in a horrible mood for a while now. My friends were positive I was PMSing. Rain just makes me think of sadness and it makes me tired and depressed. Snow is a sign of beauty and it lifts my spirits.

I mean yeah, the snow is ugly when it gets old and dirty, I hate the cold, I hate winter jackets, I hate wearing long sleeves and being freezing 24-7, but I love seeing snow when it's falling from the sky when it's new and fresh. I love sledding too. 

Don't you just love when the snow sparkles? 

And one of the best things about snow is school delays! I love waking up, seeing I have a delay, then going back to bed. It's the best feeling in the world.
Cancellations are great too. But when we get too many of them they start making us make up the days and we lose our spring break and we have to go longer in the summer. That's the only downside of cancellations. 

Snow makes me so happy. I just had to post about this because today was the first snow of the winter and all.
You know what snow makes me think of?
Christmas is right around the corner and it'll be here before we know it! I love the Christmas season, not just because of the presents. (Well, that is a great part of it..)
But I just love the whole atmosphere of Christmas. The decorations, the lights, the snow, the Christmas trees, the shopping, the foods, the clothes, the time off school, and the snow! And the fact that it's Jesus's birthday also makes it great!

Hot chocolate is always great when it's cold out!

The lights <3

I hate being cold, but I love the snow. So the love for snow kind of overpowers the cold thing. I can't wait for Christmas. My mood just lifts so much. I can't wait till it snows more! Gah! Fall is not my favorite season. I like the leaves changing to all those pretty colors but that's about it. I hate how it turns from warm to freezing so quickly here. Actually, I only like the month of December in winter. The other ones can just go away. I guess November is kind of the winter, but December is my favorite. 

What about you guys? Do you like snow? Hate it? More of a rain person? How excited are you for Christmas? (Or whatever holiday you celebrate.) Has it snowed in your area yet? Leave me some comments! 
Now I am going to go lose myself in the world of Vampire Academy, Last sacrifice! I'll be done with it very soon, so look for a Reader's Ramble on the entire series later today!

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Cubette said...

i wish i lived where it snowed... ♥ great pictures for someone who's never even seen it!

Quinn said...

I'm so jealous.

Snow is the only reason I didn't want to move to Florida. We don't get it. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

It was snowing here in NY too. I <3 snow.

Anonymous said...

Haha, here in CT we've got about five inches! You should have heard the thumps as the snow slid off the solar panels this morning... I swear, the house vibrated! xD

I wasn't really ready for snow the other day, but now I'm getting into it. It's still strange, though; like this morning, I said to Mom that I know it's October, but it feels like December. So confusing...! ;)

I do like snow, though; it's gorgeous and amazing for photos. Prettier than rain, though I still like rain.

And *sigh* Christmas. We just had to watch "Elf" last night because of the snow, and I'm starting to think about what I'm making everyone for Christmas... Mom's been thinking about Christmas gifts for weeks! It's getting so close... I can't wait! <3 Christmas is the best time of the year. Like you said, the whole season has this distinct feel; like the whole world is bustling and cheerful and excited, even if that's not always the case! ;) Ahh! Christmas! <3

Happy First Snow!

Paige said...

@Cubette- You've never seen snow? :'( That's saddening to me. I hope one day you see it!

@Qui- That sucks :( At least you live in Florida though, I'd kill to live there, haha.

@Sophia- I heard you guys got a lot! You're lucky!

@taylor- Five inches, wow! I would have been in heaven! Yeah, I feel the same exact way. it's like... it's still October? How? haha!
I LOVE ELF!!! i really need to watch that movie now :p
Happy first snow to you also!

Anonymous said...

I know, "Elf" is amazing. I started squealing as soon as the theme music came on... *bum bum bum bum bum, bum ba-bum bum bum...* Then I claimed that Buddy is probably my favorite Christmas movie character. Ever. Aahh, I can't wait for Christmas! <3