Monday, October 17, 2011

Featured Follower # 2- Taylor Lynn

Hey everyone! Time for me to introduce my next Featured Follower to you all! If some of you didn't know, I am doing these posts in honor of The 828's 1 year birthday and getting up to 100 followers!

So, without further a do, here is Featured Follower # 2!

Hey! I’m Taylor Lynn. I’m vegan, homeschooled, a Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter fanatic, a bookworm, a music-lover, and above all, a teen who loves history, photography, writing, Greek mythology, fantasy and the sea. My dream is to become a bestselling novelist. Want to learn more? Read my blog!

This is Taylor Lynn. Taylor started following me when I had around 40 or so followers, so she's been here a while! She found my blog somehow and left a comment for me. That's where it all started for us!

Taylor owns the blog Perfectly Sensible Nonsense!

Perfectly Sensible Nonsense

Taylor has herself a pretty awesome blog over there. She posts about a variety of things. From books, writing, photography, family,friends, adventures, entertainment, and just random fun posts!

When I first saw Taylor's blog, I wasn't too sure about it. Her and me didn't seem to have that much in common. I mean a lot of you love Harry Potter and Lord Of the Rings and Star Wars and I hate that stuff, so whenever I see a blogger likes those things, it usually takes me a little bit to warm up to their blog.

But Taylor's didn't take me long at all. I soon found that Taylor's blog was super awesome and her posts were really entertaining to read. Turns out we actually do have a lot in common and now we are email buddies! (I still need to answer our most recent one.. I will eventually, Taylor!)

She's a writer like most of us, and sometimes she posts about her novel and such. Sometimes she does book reviews, and sometimes photography. She is an AMAZING photographer!
Her posts always have really creative titles too, which draw you in to read them. Her posts are also very real and relatable to every day life. They are also very interesting and genuine. You can see her love for her family, friends, writing, and photography through her blog.

But the thing about Taylor is her personality. She is pretty much the nicest blogger I have ever met. She comments on ALL my posts, which I very much appreciate, and she is just such a sweet girl. Her comments always make me feel better if I'm upset, or sometimes make my day, or make me laugh, or whatever! She is a very kind, active, and loyal follower. You can just tell through her blog and comments that she is an extremely nice girl who will go really far in life! I am very lucky to have Taylor as my Blogger Buddy!

She posts quite often and sometimes has guests posts on her blog too. (one of them was me!) She's done a vlog before too!

So I highly recommend checking out Taylor's blog and following her, you won't regret it!
Right now she has 74 followers, let's get her some more!

Love ya, Taylor!

Check back tomorrow or Wednesday for Featured Follower # 3!

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Anonymous said...

Aw, Paige, that's so sweet of you!!! <3 I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. Haha, I try not to go too over-the-top on one subject, because not everyone wants to hear about my obsession with LOTR, or my current WIP, all the time. ;) And don't worry, I know you'll reply to my email eventually, haha. ;)

Thank you so much for being my bloggy friend, Paige, I appreciate it! <3 And thank you x million for this fabulous feature. <3 <3 <3HUGS!

Amaranthine said...

I follow Taylor! I agree, Taylor is super nice to everyone, and a fantastic blogger! Congrats Taylor ;)

Endor said...

Yay!!! I'm not the only one who can never remember to sit down and reply to an email from Taylor........I will email you sometime, Taylor, I promise! ;)

I love this whole idea of featured followers, Paige!!

Anonymous said...

Love Taylor's blog - and have been following for a while! What a great write up about it!

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks, everyone! You're all too sweet. :) I'm so honored to be a featured follower! <3 (And don't worry, Endor, I understand! ;)

Cubette said...

i now follow you! please come see me @ and follow me, please :)

blessings! ><>