Friday, August 19, 2011

Throw a penny in someone's path

This post is inspired by Sarah Ockler's Twenty Boy Summer. 

I don't know if you guys are superstitious or you believe in good luck or bad luck, but a lot of people do. When someone finds a penny, it's apparently good luck. Maybe they'll have a good day at school or work, get a good grade, meet a new friend, get their first kiss, read a good book, anything!

What I've noticed is society isn't as kind as it used to be. Bullying in schools increases every year, people just get ruder, no one uses manners anymore, and tons more people are depressed and committing suicide. 


It doesn't have to be this way. It saddens me when I hear about teenagers who commit suicide. They had so much of their life left to live, and they gave it up. Or people who just shut themselves off from the world because they can't take people anymore. Why does it have to be like this?

No one should feel unloved or alone. We should all have someone to fall back on when we need them. Everyone should be able to smile and say something good happened to them today. Whether it be small or big, we all need something happy in our lives. 

"Wow," he says, taking the glass and holding it up to the sun. "Red is like, the rarest color there is. You're totally lucky you even saw it."

I raise it above my head and throw it as hard as I can into the sea.
Let someone else have a lucky day, Anna. 

Sam laughs. "Hey, crazy, what'd you do that for? You'll probably never see something like that again in your entire life."
"Right. But I did see it. And now someone else can, too."

That little paragraph is from Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler. That book inspired me to this post. 

So, I challenge you all to do something good for someone every day. Even if it's as little as smiling as you walk past them, complimenting on their outfit or haircut, being their shoulder to cry on, inviting them somewhere, holding a door for them, telling them happy birthday, stick up for them, comment on or follow their blog, anything to make their day brighter! 

I personally love getting compliments on my clothing. It's nice to know I don't dress up every day and look fashionable for nothing. People actually notice and say something to me about it. 

People always ask, "What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?" That is a hard question to answer sometimes, and it makes you think. Have I done something that someone would call the nicest thing someone ever done for them? I hope so.

Mine is really simple. One day, I was really really stressed out. We had all our final exams coming up within the next day and I had no time to study that weekend because of my dance recital. I was just a mess. So I just burst into tears in class one day when we weren't doing anything. I was so afraid and stressed out about failing. My one friend just came over and hugged me and let me cry. I don't even know if she knew why I was upset, but the important thing is, is that she was there for me.

I always hope that someone would mention me in their "Nicest thing anyone has ever done for them." And you should to, you should strive for that. 

So the sentence "Throw a penny in someone's path," means to help someone else have a lucky day. Make them smile, let them know they aren't alone and that someone cares about them. 

These pictures should never be how someone thinks, the last one especially. Like me for example, I'm always there for everyone else and no one seems to ever be there for me, typical. People wonder why I hate school so much, well this is a reason why. The people! Everyone is just cocky, conceited, rude, disgusting, selfish, and uncaring! Maybe if the world wasn't like that, I wouldn't dread going to school every day. 

I agree with this picture. Books are way better than people these days, and it shouldn't be that way. Books have always been there for me, same with music. So, why can't people?

So, the point of this post is do something good for someone each day, make someone smile! Let them have a lucky day, throw a penny in their path. 

I'm thinking about doing a vlog, should I do one? Leave comments!

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Alyianna said...

Awesome post! And, yes, do a vlog!

Taylor Lynn said...

So true. I sometimes think about how messed up the world is; but I think the best thing to do would be focus on the GOOD you see, not the BAD. Focus on the times that you've seen people do good things. Focus on the times people have been kind to you, not when they've been mean.

I'm always trying to be the kind of friend that will be there for those who need someone to talk to. That's what I want to be - someone people can talk to and count on to listen. I also try to be a good person - someone who inspires others, who helps others, who is my definition of "good".

Thank you for this post, Paige! And that excerpt of "Twenty Boy Summer" is EPIC. Now I really may have to read that book. ;)

Converse said...

Paige, you are very pretty :D
I hope that brighten your day :)

I love this post because its so true and YES DO THE VLOG!!!!!

Converse said...

shoot, bad grammar! Oh well!

Paige said...

@Alyianna- Thanks! And I might do one today!

@Taylor- That is true too. I need to be more positive haha. That's exactly how I try to be, you're a great bloggie friend of mine haha!
YES READ IT! Thanks for commenting!

@Converse- Aw, thank you Converse! That did brighten my day! :) I'll probably do one later so make sure you check it out!

Taylor Lynn said...

Aw, thanks, Paige! I'm glad you consider me a good bloggy friend... I think you're a good bloggy friend, too. :) Hugs!

Sam said...

I feel the same exact way. It seems like you're always the one being nice to others, and all they ever do is make you feel worthless. THAT'S why I HATE school so much. And that's why it's hard for me to be nice because I know I won't get anything back.

And I agree, I like books better than people. It sad and mean but it's sooo true.

You always have the best posts on your blog, Paige. I wish my blog was as interesting as yours. And you are really pretty!

PLEEASE vlog for us!! PLEEAASE!!!