Friday, August 12, 2011

Sam's Guest Post!

Hey, this is Sam from Sam's Blog! I was thrilled when Paige asked me to guest post; thanks so much, Paige! Anyways, on my blog, I post a variety of things: photography, reading, writing, books, nail art, but most of all, I post all the time about fashion. And if you have a love
for fashion like me, or even if you don't, you may have heard of the website Polyvore. It's an awesome website and I adore it (actually, Paige posted about it one time here on The 828, so if it weren't for Paige, I would have no clue
what Polyvore was!) Basically on the site, you can make outfits, check out the latest fashions, and more. I experimented around with it and decided to do celeb look-alike outfits! Sounds like fun? Ok, let's get started!

I love Demi Lovato's schoolgirl chic look in this photo shoot she did! I took the same kind of elements that made up the 50's looking outfit: an argyle sweater, a button-down, skirt, and saddle shoes. I love how she added a little bit of flair with cute gold accessories.

It was a real challenge to re-create this sassy punk rock outfit Emma Roberts modeled, since there were no camo shorts and no sparkly black jackets on Polyvore. But I still mad it work with a camo skirt and a showgirl-looking cardigan.

I loooove Miranda Cosgrove's casual outfit! I would've never thought of this cute combo, pairing a floral tank, everyday jeans, and combat boots together! I would even wear this myself!

Selena Gomez pairs a lace dress and earthy accessories to make a really cute outfit! It's casual, fancy, cute, and vintage, everything I love! And she looks ah-mazing in it!

Taylor Swift looks amazing! This lace dress pairs with retro glasses, zebra ballet flats, and black diamond studded accessories to make for a perfect night on the town.

Aren't those so cute? I love them, and I love Polyvore, so go check it out!
And there's one more thing you need to know about me. It's my birthday! I'm officially 13 today! :D And I know including Paige, a lot of people are August babies, too, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone else with an August birthday!
So, that's all! Thanks again Paige for letting me guest post! Hope you enjoyed my post!

-Sam :)


About the Author: Hello, I'm Sam from Sam's Blog ( I love to read, write, dance, sing, act, and just be me :) My passions are photography, fashion designing, and animals. I am a Christian, have a brother and sister, and a yellow lab puppy. I am 13 and will be entering the 8th grade this school year!

Hope you liked my little post here on The Five Subject Notebook! :)


Anonymous said...

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sam! Welcome to teenhood! :D

Second - I'm not one who pays much attention to fashions, but I've heard of Polyvore, and it looks pretty cool. Plus, you made some cool collages! Great job, and nice post, too!

Paige said...

Happy birthday Sam! WOOO! Thanks so much for posting! I loved this! Polyvore is amazing, I'm so glad that site exists haha. I love Taylor Swift's style!
Thanks again so much :)