Friday, August 26, 2011

It has begun..

The torture that we all so innocently call school has begun for me on August 25th, yesterday. I miss summer already, it seems like I just finished 10th grade yesterday. Wow.

I started 11th grade, so I'm now officially a Junior even though I'm still 15 until Sunday. It's hard to believe, it feels like yesterday I was wondering the halls all confused like the Freshman.


That was mean, I apologize. But it is funny. 
Our school is huge! Two buildings, two floors, and tons of hallways and rooms! It is confusing at first but you get used to it after like day two. It's all about finding the best routes to get to each class.

This is entirely true, and I think you can all agree with me. I HATE waking up so early, freaking five thirty AM! I'd rather sleep till noon, thank you.

It's not just waking up early I hate, it's all the preparation too. I have to worry about how I look and make sure my makeup is perfect and my hair is straight and I'm wearing nice clothes. In the summer I can just be lazy and look however I want because no one sees me and judges me.

I wear fancy and fashionable clothes every single day. No sweat pants, big T shirts or tennis shoes. If you see my in sweatpants, there is something horribly wrong with me. I have a reputation to keep, the most fashionable girl in the class of 2013. Yeah, they actually make people vote for the most fashionable person in our class once we become seniors.
And my goal is to win that award. 

And, the work! So much freaking WORK!  I hate it! I hate worrying about aceing tests and doing all my homework, I JUST WANT TO READ MY BOOKS SO LEAVE ME ALONE! 

This is going to be a really tough year, work wise. I am taking some hard classes. Chemistry, Trigonometry/ Pre Calculus, and Honors Global Connections 3, (History), and Spanish 4. Those are going to be my most stressful and confusing classes. I wanted to challenge myself by taking an honors history class so it will look good for college   I can gain experience in difficult classes. (HA)

This is another main reason I dislike school so much, I hate the people! Well, not ALL the people, but a good majority of them. They are just so rude, thoughtless, uncaring, dirty minded, stuck up, bastards jerks!
Even though I hate most of them, I am not mean to them. I try to be kind and respectful to everyone no matter how much they annoy me.
I'm a nice person.

School also keeps me from doing the things I love more often, reading, writing, and sleeping. I better go read now while I can! 
The only positive thing about me being a junior is I am now considered an Upper Classman and I only have one more year after this in that horrible place!
And I guess some more positives are I actually have a reason to get up in the morning, somewhere to go. Not just sitting around the house all day bored.

For the most part, I like all my teachers this year. Especially my English teacher. SHE READ THE HUNGER GAMES AND LOVED IT! How cool is that? A teacher that actually has something in common with me!

I am also taking Musical Theater again this year as an elective, which I love. It is so fun and gives me a chance to improve on my acting and singing.

And with school starting, that means dance is starting again too after only a three week break. I'm really excited for that! I love learning new choreography.

Have you guys started school yet? What grade are you going into? Do you hate it like me? Leave comments! 

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Marisa said...

Wow, you are a young junior! I'm going to be sixteen in December and I'm a sophomore. I go back on Tuesday (hopefully... we'll see what happens with Hurricane Irene)

This entire post is like I could've written it! Seriously I agree about everything. The waking up and getting ready especially. I'm the same way about clothes. I NEVER wear sweatpants to school! My idea of "scrubbing it" is just wearing jeans & a cute sweatshirt, haha!

And I'm with you on the tough course load. I'm going to be in six honors classes, two of them being science (bio & chem.) My teacher recommending this for me, and I figured why not get those classes out of the way, so I can take more writing/psych electives as a senior? But this year is gonna be crazy stressful.

LOL me and my best friend have this motto. "People suck." Seriously, I swear all the horrible people go to my school...but then I see that everyone feels this way! WHY DON'T YOU GO TO MY SCHOOL?! Haha! Why are all the awesome people online and far away?

The musical theatre should be a blast though, enjoy it!

Sam said...

Ugh. School. I started 2 days ago and have already had 3 hours of homework each night XP Ughhhhh

Paige said...

Yeah I'm border line with my birthday haha! Some years we start after August 28th, and some we start before. It just depends. But they let me in anyway haha :p I'll be the appropriate age on Monday :p I was still 14 for like two days when I started by sophomore year also.

FINALLY SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS! I can't stand when people wear sweat pants and sometimes even pajama pants to school on a regular basis. Like come on, don't you have pride? I always try to get nice shirts and wear jewelry a lot. That's my idea of scrubbing it too haha!

SIX HONOR CLASSES! *dies* This is my first honors class EVER. But, everyone says Junior year is hard in general. I could have took an easier math class, Alg 3 instead of Trig/Pre Calc, and a easier science instead of Chem but I was like nah.. I'll do the hard stuff..

Bio isn't too bad, I actually kind of liked it. I'm sure you'll do great! Some of the stuff you do is really fun, some nasty stuff, and some plain boring stuff. I had to dissect a baby pig, it was so cute and I felt bad ripping it to shreds, and a nasty frog!
Good luck this year!

Wow, I love and totally agree with that motto! GAH I WISH I DID GO TO SCHOOL WITH YOU! I'm sure you'd be one of my best friends if I did haha :p

It was really fun last year so I took it again! I think I'm getting credits but who knows.. and honestly I don't care, I just love the class! We do some dancing, but it's like total basic ballet positions and moves, tap moves, and basic jazz.

Stay safe during the hurricane! Love ya Marisa! <3

Paige said...

@Sam- That's crazy! I'm sure the homework will be pouring in for me too soon..

Converse said...

I'm starting 8th grade which is so far terrible. At my school they try to prepare you for college and all this junk, but its really hard.

I take Algebra 1 this year and so far it's fun. The funny thing is that our teacher looks like she's 17 haha.

The worst class for me is US History because our teacher is so strict. Dr. Logan is the creator of our school so you can imagine why she knows every single rule and follows it.... because she created them. The thing is, though, is that 8th grade US history is the only class she teaches, so she blames all her anger on us.

The best class so far is Spanish. Our teacher has fun and creative ways of teaching us so it's not hard to learn. Sometimes it get confusing, but I end up getting it in the end.

Physical science is alright, but I could live without the teacher we have for it. He, like Dr. Logan is very strict and makes super bad jokes.

And Mr. Pease, ummmmm, I don' know, he's kind of..... hippish.. haha.

My least favorite thing is riding my bike to and from school. It's super cold in the morning, but fortunately is scorching hot in the afternoon coming home.... I have literally almost passed out riding home.

The only upside to my school is that we have no homework. Instead we have a period called "Guided Study" for like an hour and a half to finish all or some of our work.

Personally, I think I'm going to hate high school because it going to be super duper hard. The only thing I look forward to next year is having the really awesome teacher who teaches Earth Science ( I love earth science.)

I wish my school had P.E and dance class or music class! But unfortunately my school is small (220 students), and the teachers only care about college, not peoples passions.

I would go to the High School in my town, but there's a whole bunch of crappy stuff that goes around there. Crappy like things like freshmen who are pregnant, pot smokers, and etc. Plus, if I did want to go there my mom wouldn't let me because I'm not aloud to go to a school without uniform.

Yeah, as you can see, my school is probably the last school you would ever want to go to.

Awesome post!

Jenna Cooper said...

Soon you'll be in college. Then you can take all of your classes at noon and sleep as long as your heart desires.

Amyrose♥Forder said...

I know what you mean! School sucks most of the time ... ugh.

The Divine Writer said...

All right. I have to tell you guys. High school sucks. It really does. Look forward to college. That's all you have to do. College college, college. BEST FOUR YEARS OF MY LIFE. No doubt. Granted, starting college is like starting high school all over again, but ITS SO MUCH BETTER! Freshman year there will be the little cliques like there are in high school and you'll continue to say that it's like you're in high school again during your freshman year.

And then you'll be rolling out of bed in your pajamas and going to class.

Paige, are you still looking into going to SHU?

Qui said...

I started on the 22nd! I am now in 10th grade.....and well...I'm homeschooled. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, technically we've been doing school most of the summer, but we didn't do it for most of the spring. LOL Yeah, we like to be different like that. Flexibility is one of the perks of being homeschooled. ;) And since our school curriculum is pretty haphazard (a workbook from this company, another from that one) I'm just going to call myself a sophomore once September rolls around. LOL

I'm sorry you dislike school so much, but just think - two more years and you're done! It's crazy to think how many years we've been doing school, and now suddenly it's just a few years and we'll be done. Just like that. :)

Ugh, I'd never go for that most fashionable person title, though! I could see my sister Jordan going for it, but not me. ;) I wear clothes that I like, or that are comfortable. That doesn't mean I wear pajamas all day, since I'd feel like I wasn't taking care of myself or something, but my clothes are definitely not all brand-name or anything like that. In fact, my gramma buys me most of my clothes as birthday and Christmas gifts, and often she goes to yard sales or Salvation Army to buy them because you can get stuff in good condition, cheap! Or I get clothes as hand-me-downs. Jordan's the same... but she's got more interest in fashions than me. ;) I wish you luck, though, Paige! :D

Okay, I'll stop rambling now. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I'm on my last free week here! There are so many mean kids in my school. But only a few more years..
Like Taylor Lynn, I could never be most fashionable. But you can go for it!

Alyianna said...

I start on the 6th! I bet you all are so jealous. :P

Paige said...

@Converse- Aw, I'm sorry you don't like it :( I took Alg 1 in 8th grade too, there is some easy stuff and some hard stuff to it. ugh Spanish, GET OUT NOW WHILE YOU CAN! Spanish 1 is easy, but when you hit spanish 2 it's not so easy and fun anymore. I'm in Spanish 4 and I'm pretty sure I'm going to fail.

I hate science, ugh. I'm in Chemistry this year. Science just isn't my thing. That would be so fun! I have to ride a bus. High school isn't that bad, my freshman year was pretty good academic wise, but I guess it depends on where you go. Uniforms! I would die! Good luck this year! <3

@jenna- I'm looking forward to that haha :p

@Amy- I know right :(

@Jen- IM SO EXCITED FOR COLLEGE! AHH! I am going to visit SHU next summer, but I fell in love with Penn State. My mom says we probably can't afford SHU anyway since it's private, but I'm going to visit!

@Qui- In some ways I wish I was homeschooled but then I don't, I hate the people at school but I couldn't stand to be around my parents all day every day.

@Taylor- Yeah, that would be nice to have such a flexible year. And yes I'm looking forward to graduating haha :p I wear whatever's in style, as long as I like it and can afford it. Like the shirt I'm wearing right now, it's beautiful but it's itchy but OH WELL! Haha, Good luck to you too Taylor!

@Sophia- yeah I just hate everyone. I can't wait to go to college and make new friends. Best of luck!

@Alyianna- Yesh I am quite jealous. *_*