Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finally.. my hobby can come to use!

Wow.. I haven't blogged since Sunday.. wow... So anyways, hi guys! How are you guys doing? What have you been up too? 
Sorry I've been M.I.A (Missing in Apples.)

That's hilarious haha!

So what was this post about again? OH YEAH! My hobby.. "Paige I don't know what you're stupid hobby is so you better just tell us."

Writing, duh.                                                                                                                                             
How is it finally coming to use? Well for English class, we have to create our own myth and write it in story form. No not Greek myth.. (I wish) We have to create like some old Indian/ Native American Myth that explains how the earth came to be.. and two other natural phenomenons.  
Because the Indians have a story for EVERYTHING. Even a story for how grizzly bears walk on four feet and not two....
I had a really cool idea for one natural phenomenon, but then when I found out we had to have 2 AND it has to play into how the earth was created.. I'm like..
So yeah, now I am going to try and incorporate that idea into what I need to do. I was thinking as one natural phenomenon.. a romance where the two gods are separated and they send the sun from the East and West to communicate, and there fore that's how the sun rises and sets.  Does that seem cool? This story only has to be like 2 pages. 

Finally they make us write something creative other than an essay and it only has to be 2 freaking pages. I could write 50 if I wanted to. 
My whole school career, all I've done is formal essays, no creative stories or anything. This is why I'm so excited! I might post it on here when I'm done to get some opinions on it. Once I think of something..
Any ideas on how the romance/ sun rising and setting thing could also incorporate the earth being formed and one other natural phenomenon?         
This post was pretty boring. I have a case of Blogger's Block again, and I'm in school every day now. I actually like all my classes except for Chemistry and Trig/Pre-Calc. 
I have an idea for a good post I'll probably do tomorrow. Until then, ta ta for now. Hope you guys are doing well!                                                                                                                                                  

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Converse said...

Sounds awesome Paige! thats a super unique way on writing how the earth came to be!

Ashley said...

Neat idea! How about posting it here once written?

And ONLY 2 pages is bad. The more the merrier! Right? :-D

Jenna Cooper said...

I always had the same problem in junior high and high school when we had to write a story. I made mine 10 pages longer than everyone else! The teachers never put a limit on, though, because they expected people to write a page. Good luck, it sounds like a great idea!

Taylor Lynn said...


Okay, okay, I don't really want to go to school. But that is such an epic assignment! And the whole romance thing with the sun? It's a FANTASTIC idea! I'd try and think of how you could work it into the earth's creation... but I think you've already written the myth, so that'd be kind of pointless. Can you post it for us to read? Pretty please? :) :) :) LOL

But yeah, I'm not surprised that the Native Americans had stories for even grizzly bear anatomy. The Native Americans were pretty cool! I used to want to be an Indian. ;) I read any book about Indians I could, I spent nights on the floor in my play tepee, and when we learned about the Native Americans in school and made Indian costumes, I kept and wore my mocassins around until I outgrew them. LOL!