Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Birthday Parties ~ A Guest Post by Taylor Lynn

Paige and I both have a lot in common. For one thing, we’re both teenage girls.

Of course, there are millions of teenage girls out there. (Good grief, Taylor! Where’s your brain?)

Yeah, I know… but we might as well start at the beginning, right?

Okay, to narrow it down a bit… we both live in the US. But that’s pretty broad, too.

We both like to read and write. (I guess that’s better…)

We both like to blog. There we go, the circle’s getting smaller!

The Book Thief is on both of our “favorite books” list…we’re a year apart in age…we both like Taylor Swift (though Paige was lucky enough to see her in concert…! *turns green with envy*)…and our birthdays are both in August. There we go! Now we’ve got stuff in common!
In my family, everyone but me has a birthday in the beginning of the year. February, March, April. Of the five kids my sisters and I hung out with when we were younger (including my cousins), three of their birthdays are in January, March and April. It always felt like I had to wait eons, watching everyone else open their gifts months before I could.

The adults, though, told me that my birthday was at the best time – in the summer. During the summer, they said, I could have almost any kind of party I wanted.

For my ninth birthday in 2005, I had a pool party at my grampa's pool... and yes, that is indeed a watermelon cake.

And it’s true. In the summer, you can choose between a themed party or a slumber party; a pool party or a summer party. Though admittedly I usually went with a party at a pool or lake, it’s true that you do have more choices for parties in the summer. After all, you can’t have a birthday party at the lake in March! (Well, I guess you could... but let's not get technical. We all know that it would be wicked cold and no one would show, unless you planned to possibly ice skate. *wink*)

For my thirteenth birthday, I had a slumber party… tenting with my friends in the backyard. Another year was a Harry Potter-themed party… at my grampa’s pool. Oh, and totally aside from the fact that I’m talking about random summer birthday party ideas… yes, I have been a Harry Potter geek for years and years. And it all started at one of my birthdays, by the way, when I received my very first copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! Another one of my best birthday gifts ever? Mom got me a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – when it had JUST come out, of course.

2006: my tenth birthday. The day before was my Harry Potter pool party... note the (temporary) lightning scar tattoo!

This year I’m turning fifteen on August 5th. I think I’ll probably be keeping it laid back… but it’s nice to know that I’ve got options. You never know – with the hot summer weather finally here, it’s quite possible that I could end up going swimming at the local pond.

After all… when your birthday’s in the summer, anything seems possible!

Taylor Lynn is a homeschooled vegan who turns fifteen in – you guessed it! – AUGUST! She’s a Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings geek who enjoys reading, writing, blogging, photography, Greek mythology, music, history, and walking barefoot. Her dream is to become a bestselling novelist. She’s somewhat insane, but she doesn’t bite, so it’s not really all that dangerous to take up her invitation to check out her blog, Perfectly Sensible Nonsense. Unless you’re allergic to randomness. If that’s the case, then please keep away, because her insurance won’t cover that. Sorry.


alaw said...

I wish my birthday was in the summer. :(

But the one thing I AM happy about my birthday is that my birthday is exactly 10 days before Elijah Wood's! :)

Evie J said...

Great post, Taylor!
I'm an August baby too! WHOO! Go us! :)

Paige said...

Great post Taylor! Go August girls, woo hoo! Thanks so much for guest posting :)

Taylor Lynn said...

Thanks, guys, I'm glad you liked it! The formatting kind of messed up when I first posted it... but I think it's pretty much fixed now. :)

That's too cool about your birthday being right before Elijah Wood's, alaw... how awesome! I'm a huge LOTR geek. ;)

And that's really neat, Evie! That makes three of us August-born posters on The 828. ;)

Thanks, Paige, I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you for the chance to guest post - hugs!

Evie J said...

Yep! Me and Paige have the same birthday. August rocks!

Taylor Lynn said...

That's awesome, Evie! How cool to find someone on Blogger with the same birthday as you. :)

Devin said...

Very cool post, Taylor! My birthday is July 1; The exact middle of the year! I like having a summer birthday because I never have school on my birthday and I get to have any kind of party. The only bad thing is, whenever I invite my friends to my birthday party, a few are always on vacation.

ElfRenee said...

Love the watermelon cake! And cute pictures!

Taylor Lynn said...

Thanks for the positive feedback, Devin! That's another plus about summer birthdays - not having school. :) Happy Belated Birthday!

Haha, thanks Renee! I had a watermelon cake several years in a row, I thought it was so much fun. :D Thanks for stopping by!