Friday, July 15, 2011

Guess who's making an album..

Guess what singer is making an album that we all feared... Don't know? Maybe this will ring a bell....

Yeah you guessed it, Rebecca Black! The teenager that has been the center of everyone's bullying for a while now! After her debut single, Friday, everyone began to hate her. Her voice is nasally and auto-tuned. The song lyrics are just plain stupid and fit for kindergartners. 
But, here's the thing, she isn't a bad singer. That song just makes her sound bad because they auto-tuned her voice. But in reality, she is pretty decent. Check out this video-

See? She's not terrible at all! The auto-tune made her sound bad! I hope her new album is not auto-tuned so she sounds good and people will stop bullying her.

I'll admit, I hate the song. The lyrics are stupid and childish and the video is cheesy. What 8th grader has friends who drive? What kind of partying can an 8th grader do? I don't care what seat you take! I know my days of the week, thank you very much.

But the ARK Music Factory could have helped her make it better, and they didn't. So really it's their fault. I don't hate her as a person, she's just an innocent kid! I mean did you hear what that person said to her? About how they wanted her to cut herself and get an eating disorder? That is just awful and uncalled for.

So, onto the topic of the album.
First, there will be a single out called "My Moment," and it will be on Youtube July 18th, and on iTunes the 19th.
Rebecca stated on her Twitter..
"We're currently writing another song…it does not have to do with weekdays, or months, or numbers or colors. Throwin' that out there."

So, hopefully My Moment will be much better than Friday and people will start to leave her alone.

"According to a release“[‘My Moment’ will] tell the story of her sudden rise to fame. It’s a fairytale story, but it happened in real life.”
Unlike the beyond-banality of the Ark Music Factory-penned “Friday,” “My Moment” has a far more impressive team behind it: Brandon “Blue” Hamilton (Justin Bieber) and Quinton Tolbert wrote the lyrics, and Charlton Pettus (Tears for Fears, Hilary Duff) is producing.
Considered the “worst song ever” by many music critics, “Friday” entered the Top 100 on iTunes and outnumbered Justin Bieber’s “Baby” for dislikes on YouTube; in total, the song was watched 167 million times as of June 15."
So, hopefully this one will be better! She's famous because everyone hates her, I'm jealous. 
The album is said to be five tracks and to come out in August. So, good luck to her and hopefully people will like her more! 

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alaw said...

She sounds sooo much better without the auto-tuning! Seriously, why would she want to have her first song sound like that?!?

Jenna Blake Morris said...

"I know my days of the week, thank you very much." That made me laugh! Hopefully her next song will be better...

Jedi~Chick said...

Okay. I'll be totally honest and say that when I first heard the song, I laughed SO hard. Seriously. My best friend and I have SOOO many inside jokes about 'Friday'. Everytime we get in the car and fight over who gets shotgun, we say:
You'll sit in the front seat!
I'll sit in the back seat!
But which seat should I take? XDD

But I feel awful that this girl, who is not all that much younger than me, has her dream come true only for it to be squashed and shot at basically. It's very unfair. That's so sad that people would say such hurtful comments.

She is MUCH MUCH better without the auto tune!!!!! She sounds like a very very out of tune robot in the video, and the video itself is pretty awful. And that song DOESN'T leave your head. XDD

I hope her next songs are better. She deserves nicer attention. Justin Beiber could turn that around for her.....LOL!

Anonymous said...

You know, when I saw this post I was kind of afraid. I know that lots of people hate Rebecca for no good reason, and I don't support that AT ALL. So I was afraid that this would be another hateful rant. THANK YOU, Paige, for not doing that!

Rebecca Black doesn't deserve to be beaten down for following her dream. I think I'll have to do my own post about this. And after watching that video, I actually kind of admire her, because even with all that criticism she's still being strong and producing more music! Good for her!

Converse said...

I might actually buy the album, just for fun :)