Friday, June 10, 2011

Top 20 revealed on SYTYCD!

If you watch So You Think You Can Dance, you'll love this post. And if you don't watch the show, you NEED TO!

The top 20 dancers have been revealed!

-Tadd Gadduang

-Marko Germar

-Jordan Casanova

-Iveta Lukosiute

-Ricky Jamie

-Miranda Maleski

-Sasha Mallory (Favorite)

-Wadi Jones

-Melanie Moore (Favorite)

-Missy Morelli

-Chris Koehl

-Caitlynn Lawson (Favorite)

-Alexander Fost

- Clarice Ordaz

-Jess Leprotto (Favorite)

-Mitchell Kelly

-Ryan Ramirez (Favorite)

-Ashley Rich (Favorite)

-Robert Taylor Jr. (Favorite)

-Nick Young

These dancers are all AMAZING and so incredible to watch! Check out their preformances!

This is Jess and Nick's broadway tap number. Jess, the one in the suit, is my favorite guy!

If you are a dancer, you NEED to watch this show, you'll love it! It comes on FOX at 8 on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I went to see this show live in my town last year, it was just unbelievable what these dancers can do. Let me know if you watch this show! Leave comments!


Anonymous said...

I used to watch it... I don't anymore, but I agree, there were a lot of awesome dancers on that show. :)

Paige said...

You should watch it again! It's SO amazing!