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Pass it on! *Taylor Lynn's part, you're up Hana C!*

Here is our Pass it on story so far! Next up is Hana C!

My part-

I walked though the large doors of the auditorium, with my hands shaking and sweat beating on my forehead. This audition meant the world to me, it could change my life forever. I wouldn't just be an ordinary girl anymore, I'd be a star. Those horrible girls wouldn't be able to tease me any longer. I was tired of it. Tired of those girls thinking they're better than me and everyone else in the school. Well newsflash, they're wrong. And after this audition, I would be able to prove it.
I made my way onto the enormous stage, trying to act confident and sophisticated, but it seemed that the judges could see right through me.
"What is your name, dear?" asked judge number three. She was small and young with short brown hair and green eyes. Her voice was soothing, and helped me to calm myself so I could answer her question.
"Emma Taylor," I responded, trying to prevent my words from shaking.
"Okay, Emma. Now it says here on the application you are trying out for the lead in our new Broadway musical. So with that, you'll have to show us a dance combination and sing for us," ordered judge number two, an older man with glasses and spiky grey hair.
"Yes, sir," I answered. I hoped that all those months of preparing would pay off. It was my time to shine.

Qui's part-

"I'll be singing No Good Deed from Wicked." I said nervously. Judge number three (who was a gigantic, scary looking man) raised an eye brow and scribbled something in this notebook. I took that as a cue to start.
I know my song was a really bold choice, and that's all I was thinking about as I began singing it. I'm almost positive that I looked like a mad woman up there, but I always felt like it was such a powerful song that showed so many emotions: anger, confusion, sadness. I wanted the judges to see how broad I can be with my acting. "Nessa....Doctor Dillamond....Fiyero..." Here was the big note. What if I mess up? Would they just stop me right there and tell me to go away? Oh God, help me. I didn't have anything to worry about. I hit it, and I hit it good.
When I finished, I was practically panting, and it took me a moment to calm down. The first judge, the woman, applauded lightly. The second just smiled a little bit, but the huge one made no sign that he had enjoyed it.
I was dancing to I Can't Do It Alone from Chicago. I've been a dancer since I was two years old, and I had never been this nervous about it. Somehow I managed to get through it. All the while, the judges were scribbling in their little notebooks. I finished my dance number and smiled a huge jazz smile at them until I finally got some applause from all three.

Nova's part-

After my bold choice in dance, and even bolder choice in song, I decided to tone it down and keep quiet for a few minutes while they debated. After moments of agonizing silence, I heard a small cough from the female judge.
"Emma, you are dismissed," she spoke those words with so much contempt; it was obvious to me that I had not even had a chance from the start. I felt like screaming, but, as I walked calmly off the stage, the second judge, an older woman with dramatic black hair and red nails, winked at me. Confused, I walked into the railing of the orchestra pit, not paying attention. She smirked slightly, and I was even more confused. Walking into the arms of my mother, I glanced back at the woman, but she and the other judges were already enrapt watching the next audition.
Hours later, back at my house, I heard my mom scream. Rushing through the elegant halls of the lavish mansion my dad funded post-divorce, I sprinted downstairs. My mom happened to be very accident-prone and the last time she had screamed, she had nearly cut her finger off with a knife while making dinner.
Instead of bleeding, I found her clutching the back of the couch while holding her mini-laptop. She saw me and ran over, holding me to her chest. "You made it, Emmie! You made it! You got cast as Elena! You got the lead!"

Endor's part-

I froze, my legs suddenly feeling weak. I pulled away from my mom and stared at her, not sure I had heard right. "I got cast?" I asked feebly. There was no way this was happening. I mean, this was what I had dreamed about for years—getting the role. Sure, I had been cast in some spots, but they were always minor characters. To hear my mom pronounce me being cast in the main was amazing.
"Yes!" My mom shrieked. "I’ve got to call Gramma and Aunt Judy and—" She noticed right about then that I was standing there, my mouth wide open. "Emma, aren’t you excited?"
Those words knocked me out of my daze and I started bouncing up and down. "This has GOT to be a dream! Pinch me! Pinch me!"

My mom laughingly pinched my arm and after that, chaos broke out. I went running around the first floor, screaming and giggling. There were a couple of times when I bounced onto one of the couches, but for the first time in my life, my mom didn’t shout at me to get off. She was too busy calling people to tell them about my role.

Later on, my mom and I sat in the kitchen with bowls of pistachio ice cream—my favorite. My mom leaned forward. "Emma, I’m so incredibly proud of you."
I smiled tiredly and scraped my bowl to try to get the last bit out. "Thanks."
"I think your dad would be proud of you, too. Have you told him yet?"

I froze. It was an amazing occurrence for my mom to ever mention my dad. I was getting ready for the world to end then and there. "No….."I said slowly. "I haven’t called him yet." I wasn’t sure that I wanted to call him, but I didn’t tell her that.
"I think you should," she said quietly.
After saying good night, I walked upstairs to my room and flopped onto my four-poster bed. I stared at the ceiling for a little bit and then rolled over onto my stomach and stared at the phone.

Taylor Lynn's part-

Then, after a few minutes of simply staring at it, I suddenly lunged forward, grabbed the phone and dialed Dad's cell phone number. I knew that unless I did it now I would never make the call.

The phone rang five times, six times, and I was about to hang up when someone picked up on the other end.

"Hello?" my dad said.

"Dad? It's me. Emma," I replied.

"Emma! Hey, honey, how's everything going?" he exclaimed.

"Everything's going great, Dad," I answered. "I wanted to- Mom thought I should-"

"How is your mother, anyway?" he asked, full of energy. As always.

"She's fine," I said, uncomfortable. He didn't seem to notice.

"That's great, honey, just great. Hey, you'll never guess where I am now!"

Dad was a photographer for a travel magazine, and he was always in a new place. In the beginning, Mom had fallen in love and married him because she loved how adventurous and energetic he was, but they ended up divorced for the same reason. Dad couldn't stay in one place, and he was always traveling to new locations for his work. Mom just couldn't keep up, especially with a baby. Me.

Dad hardly ever called, but it wasn't that he didn't love me; it was because he got so caught up in his work that he didn't remember to. Or so we told ourselves.

"Guess, Emma. Guess where I am."

"Um... I don't know, Dad."

"I'm in Paris! Paris, France. Isn't that great?"

"Um, yeah. Sure."

"Hey, so, what's going on with you? What have you been up to?"

"That's actually why I was calling. I... I was cast as the lead in a new Broadway musical." Saying the words made me giddy all over again. I still couldn't believe it.

"Emma, that's fantastic!" Dad practically shouted. "Congratulations!"

"Thanks," I said, smiling a little.

"So, when should I fly in for the performance?"

I sat stunned for a minute. This was not what I expected to hear. Dad wanted to fly in for my performance?

What was I supposed to say?

Great job Taylor! I love it! This story is really coming together everyone! I'm looking forward to reading Hana C's part next!

Paige (Me) *Done*

Qui *Done*

Nova *Done*

Endor *Done*

Taylor Lynn *Done*

Hana C* You're up!*



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I'm glad you like it, Paige! I can't wait to read what Hana adds on. :) Hugs!

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Hi Paige! Munch and I wanted to know (when it's our turn) if we each write 2 paragraphs or if each of us writes 1 paragraph. Please tell us before were up.


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