Friday, May 13, 2011

Trends these days

These Power Balance Bracelets have become a trend lately. And I wanted in on it, so I bought one.

I got a light blue one like the one in the picture. A lot of people wear them at school. They're supposed to, "Enhance your athletic performance." Whatever, if it actually works it can help enhance my dance performance! I just like them and want the latest trend on my wrist since I love to follow trends. If it doesn't work, oh well, I got it for like $7 dollars on Ebay. They're $30 in stores! PHHT yep I'm going to pay that price! Not. Thank you Ebay!

Do any of you guys have them? Leave comments!

Girls wear these Sperry Hobo Boat shoes lately too. I like them and I kind of want a pair but I don't feel like spending money on them now. Considering I want a guitar.

These ZigTech shoes from Rebok are quite popular as well. More guys wear them than girls, in you know, manly colors. My brother has a pair. They're okay, but they're expensive! If I was more of an athlete I might get a pair. Maybe.. probably not.

Those are just some random trends I felt like posting! :)


Endor said...

Haha, I never follow trends. If I do, I get in one the last little wave. :P

Converse said...

converse are really in style! XD

Paige said...

Hahha, converse shoes are ALWAYS in style! :p

Anonymous said...

Converse are my favorite shoes :p Converse, I found your blog because I liked the name XD
I am not one to keep up on trends.

Jedi~Chick said...

:) For the record, I usually don't follow trends. I like stuff when no one else likes it. Star Wars being my acception. XD

I liked those Japanese Erasers looooong before they were uber popular.
I liked Silly Bands before they were super duper popular.
In fact, I like most rubber things before htey were ever popular. :P

I was thinking about getting on of those power bracelets. Although I'd mostlikely get one of the cheapo four dollar ones from 7-11. XDD I got four sports watches (the rubber kind) from Wal-Mart and 7-11. ;P

So yeah. IMHO, I don't like those shoes and I think they are kinda ugly. XD I love Converse though! ;)
Ooh, those are the sneakers I'd want! LOL! My dance teacher has them in pink. I'd get them in orange or purple or something. I'd need to see what colors they have. And forget it if they're expensive. My mom will get me knock offs. XDD


Converse said...

I sort of try to stay in trends. It took me a year to get my first pair of skinny jeans and now they are slowly going out of style...ugh.