Thursday, May 26, 2011

A post to Taylor Lynn, Lori and Audrey, Qui, and well everyone else.

I am so upset. The problem is still not fixed. And there's so many posts I want to comment on! ARRGGHHHH!! I'M GOING CRAAAAZZZYYYY *tantrum stops*

Any whoo, I got two new followers today! Taylor Lynn and Lori& Audrey! Thanks for following me guys! I would leave you guys comments on your blogs but MY BLOGGER IS AN IDIOT!! I thought I'd be stuck on 46 followers forever but today I was shocked to see I have 48 now! Woo! Almost 50!

Taylor Lynn- I found your blog and followed you, thanks for all the comments!

Lori& Audrey-Thanks for following! What is your blog URL so I can follow you?

Qui- Since I CAN'T comment on your blogger of the month post, I am doing it here. TAKE THAT BLOGGER! I would like to nominate Elanor Lawrence. She posts regularly and I like reading them. She is kind and active, and her blog serves the purpose of just being a really cool blog.. haha.

Everyone else- I am so upset right now, you have no idea. They better fix this problem fast or I may go insane. I was just on that forum for blog problems again, and it just seems like more and more people keep getting this problem and nothing is being done about it! GAH. Please don't hate me :( Hate blogger for having technical difficulties where it won't let me comment on anything!


Qui said...

I got your comment!!!
But yea, I've written down your nomination! :)

Paige said...


Paige said...


Anonymous said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks so much, I appreciate having a post dedicated to me! <3 *starts to tear up* And thanks for following me!

Not to mention... YAY YOU CAN COMMENT AGAIN! *jumps up and down for you*