Friday, May 20, 2011

Dance Dance Dance!

I just felt like posting some pictures of costumes and snapshots from my dances.

I've had these costumes since January but, I feel like doing a post now. So enjoy and let me know what you think of the costumes. Especially if you're a dancer haha.

This costume is for a Bollywood/ jazz dance to the song Body Language by Kaci Brown. It's not my favorite dance ever and we didn't do that great with it at competitions, but it's cool. The picture of the arm thing up there, we do that in the dance. That's us.

This costume is for our group hip hop. They're all different colored shirts. Part of the song is Tic Toc by Justin Timblerlake and Madonna I think.. and the other song is called Move but I'm not sure who it's by. We did really good with this dance at competitions. We got 1st highest score in our category at one competition. This dance was really hard to learn at first.

This is a jazz/ musical theatre dance called Speaking French. We did good with it at competitions. At one competition we got 1st highest score and these costumes won the "best costume" award. I don't know why. These costumes are so itchy and uncomfortable! But oh well, I guess people liked them. I like this dance but basically we are french sluts in it so.. eh..

This is our tap costume for the song This Joint is Jumping. The dance isn't my favorite but it's alright. The costumes are annoying, the sequins constantly fall off and it's way too short. But they sparkle nicely on stage.

This costume is for my hip hop duet. I love this dance more than any duet I've ever had. I love hip hop. It's my favorite type of dance. I love this costume too. We did pretty good with this duet.

This is a picture of a bunch of us from our studio right after we found out we won that big trophy for "Top Studio Award" at a competition. It was really funny because the announcer was like "Okay now time to announce the winner of the Top Studio Award." And we're all just like, "It's definitely not us, lets just leave now." But then the announcer called our dance academy and we're like AHHHH!! And this picture was taken while we were running out to the center of the stage to receive the trophy. It's a priceless picture.

I actually have 8 dances, but the other 3, I don't like the costumes for and they aren't worth posting. One is ballet, the other is a big production jazz number to the musical, "Ragtime." And the other one is an opening jazz number that starts the recital which is in about two weeks! Woo!

Dance is the only thing I'm going to miss when I graduate.


Converse said...

Sounds pretty cool. Are most of the costumes uncomfortable? I just want to know, because costumes are probably the number 1 reason why I'm not a dancer (that and we can't afford it).

Congrats on the trophy! I have only gotten 3 types of trophy's and those are: My singing trophy, my t-ball trophy (ek), and my school achievement trophy's.

I hope you had fun competing though!

Paige said...

@ Converse- No, only one of mine out of 8 is itchy, it just depends on the costume. I wish I could sing haha

Converse said...

Everyone can sing! It's a natural talent for everyone. It doesn't matter if you sound good or not, it matters about whether you enjoy it or not.:)

Marisa said...

I just got all my costumes this week (besides my competition ones.)
My tap one is EXTREMELY SHORT too. And it's orange...
Hmm, maybe I'll do a post with pictures.

Paige said...

@Marisa- You should! And yeah I always feel awkward on stage in a short costume.

@Converse- I do enjoy it haha :)

Zebra Corriina said...

My dance costumes are pretty cool this year :) i'm only in 2 this year, but that's OK. today is our preformance!

Munch said...

Those costumes are a lot better than ours... ours are boring and plain. But it looked like you had a lot of fun!

Munch said...

Oh! And the jazz/musical theatre costumes remind me of our costumes we had for a dance we did last year. It was called One and we wore the hats and vests and leotards! it was probably my favorite dance :)

Paige said...

@Zebra- Good luck!

@Converse- Aw :( Well 3 out of 8 of my costumes are boring so don't feel bad. And yea it was fun :) Cool, sounds like a fun dance.

Qui said...

8 dances?? WOW! You're busy! xD
The tap and jaz costumes are adorable!!

Paige said...

Haha yes I have 8 :) It's actually not too busy, I just hate when I have quick changes in between numbers. And thanks!

Jedi~Chick said...

Oh my gosh!! Awesome!!! :D I love your costumes. I don't think I'd be able to show my stomach so much though.....I dont' have the body for it.....XD

You do 8 DANCES?!? I have to memorize 9, but I'm technically only in 2. I'm in lyrical and tap. Tap is my favorite class. ;) I HATE my Lyrical costume.

I like your costumes. Looks like fun!!!! :D

P.S. The other 6 dances are four for finale and two for the class I help teach. ;) I have to stand on the side of the stage and do the dance wiht the little ones. ;)