Monday, April 18, 2011

An Award!

I'm touched! Awesome Amaranthine at gave me this award..

I'm glad I'm a stylish blogger! With this award I have to..

1. Thank the person who awarded you

2. Write seven things about yourself

3. Pass it on to seven bloggers

4. Tell the seven about their award

Well Thanks Amaranthine! :D Hmm.. 7 things about me..

1. I am a dancer.

2. I have bright green eyes that everyone thinks are contacts but are actually real.

3. I am a Hunger Games addict.

4. I just started the book Before I Fall.

5. I love Taylor Swift.

6. I'm a jewelry addict.

7. I love to skimboard on the beach and I can't wait to do it again this summer!

Well I don't think there's 7 people that I'm friends with left to give it to.. so I'm gonna give it to..

Devin @, Munch/ Converse @, and Marisa @ (I don't think you guys got it yet but if you did I apologize.)

And wow, I have 37 followers now! I'm so happy! To my newer followers that don't have your links to your blogs under your profile, let me know the links so I can follow you too! Thanks!


Marisa said...

Aw, thanks Paige! You rock :D

Devin said...

Thanks Paige!! I dance and am addicted to the hunger games too:) one of my friends says he's going to get me to skimboard this summer, but do to my lack of success on other "boards" this will be interesting...

Munch said...

Why, thank you, Paige! My first blog award! XD

Marisa said...

Ooh, Paige. I'm not sure how often you check your email, but I emailed you with DTL stuff :D

AND I see that your next read is Perfect Chemistry. I LOVE that book!