Friday, March 25, 2011

Day as a model, tougher than I thought!

We always see models in magazines, movies, tv shows, photos, advertisements, everywhere! And I always think, "Wow, she must have it so easy, just having to sit there and look beautiful, then get payed!" Boy, I was so wrong.

As you may have read in one of my earlier posts, I was a model for a prom 2011 makeup, hair, and dress trends video and photo shoot for our city's news website. It was super fun, first we got our makeup done at Sephora and our hair at Phillip Pelusi. The guy who did my hair was gay.. it was funny.

Each of us represented a different store. I was Macy's (My favorite store ever), one girl was Cache, another was Nordstroms, and another was White House Black Market. We all got accessories and shoes as well from our stores.

The shoes I wore... biggest heels I've ever worn in my life. They KILLED ME. I was falling over from pain as we had to walk through the mall to Macy's to do the interview and pictures. As I was walking there literally every head turned toward me. It was embarrassing but also nice at the same time.

Then it's just picture after picture after picture and redoing the video 20 times and you have to smile the whole time! My lip started shaking. Other than these things, it was amazing.

The picture above is me in my dress from Macy's. I loved it. I've always wanted to wear a type of dress like that, that's tight on top and flows out below the knees. So that was a dream come true.

My hair was pretty cool, except he made my bangs all greasy and said "Oh it'll look good in pictures!" Yeah.. not so much. The back was unique though.. take a look..

The shoes.. they were so cute and stylish but SO PAINFUL! They were Guess Brand. I kept telling myself BEAUTY IS PAIN BEAUTY IS PAIN. Check these killers out!

Here is a picture from the makeup area..

I'm not going to post the videos because there are creepers out there and I don't want to give away too much information. But I will share the Prom 2011 trends I learned!

Makeup Trends:
-Nothing too Dramatic
-Young and fun
-Peach and coral are colors of the season, they are good for all skin tones
-Big lashes

Hair Trends:
-Tight Buns
-Messy Buns
-Side pony tails that are curled.
-Simple straight pony tail

Dress Trends:
-Asymmetrical style
-One shoulder dress
-Ruffles on top or bottom
-Full length gown
-Bold, dark colors
-Short dresses
-Lots of sparkles

Accessory Trends:
-Cocktail rings
-Handbags with detail and funky shapes
-Strappy High Heels.
-Large Bracelet's
-Large jewels on necklaces
-Long Earrings
Hope you enjoyed these trends :) Now only if I was going to prom....


Evie J said...

America's Next Top Model is totally one of my favorite shows (I am not ashamed! haha!), and ever since I started watching it a few years ago, I've gained so much respect for models. I used to think like you! haha!

And you look gorgeous! :)

Amaranthine said...

Wow! It looks like you had a lot of fun. I'd like to be a model for a day. :P

Marisa said...

Paige! What a day you had.
It sounds like it was a ton of fun.
And you look gorgeous! I love the dress. :D

Paige said...

@ Evie..haha yeah I have a lot of respect for them now too, and thanks :)

@Amarathine..Yeah it was a lot of fun! You definatley should if you get the chance

@Marisa.. Haha yes it was quite the experience! and thankyou! I loved it too! As I was putting it on I was praying for it to fit because I was almost positive it wouldnt. Lol