Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30 followers, Finally!

I. am. so. happy. I HAVE 30 FOLLOWERS NOW! Yay! Thank you so much to all my great followers, there would be no reason for me to blog without you!

I wish I could blog more often, I've been so busy and stressed though! AHG. Tons of homework every night, dance, and work!

We started scheduling for next year at school. I have to take TRIGONOMETRY PRE CALCULUS AND CHEMISTRY. I AM GOING TO DIE. I hate math, and I'm pretty sure it hates me. I don't hate science, but I heard chemistry is hard.
I'm taking some English electives though, like public speaking and word power, to help with my journalism major and the SAT'S.

I finished my yoga pants I was making in clothing class! I'm so happy they're done.

I am also very sad because a great blog called The Treehouse Gang is shutting down. The blog is so great and was only up for a month! I have their button on my sidebar, maybe if they get some more followers they won't shut down! (Lets hope so..)

Anyways, thanks 30 followers! Now back to Biology homework.. yay me...


Marisa said...

We're starting scheduling for next year too!
It looks like I'm going to be taking six honors classes... because my science teacher recommended me for both biology and chemistry next year. It stresses me out just thinking about it! But you're taking two math classes so EWWW.

I'm sorry about the Treehouse Gang thing. I didn't have anything to do with shutting it down... and I wish we could keep going.