Friday, February 11, 2011

I guess I don't hate him anymore..

So today I went and saw that new Justin Beiber movie called Never Say Never. (Don't judge me, the person I went with wanted to see it so I was like whatev lets go)

And even though I don't have "Beiber Fever" or "Obsessive Beiber Disorder," I actually liked the movie..

In fact I wish more artists made movies like that. Because it helps to feel closer to the artist. I feel like I know Justin Beiber and that he's actually a real person, not just some cute singer with awesome hair.

I can't believe he was discovered on Youtube! That would be like a dream come true. The man who discovered him was like "I'm going to find this kid!" and JB's mom thought he was like a pedophile trying to track down her son.

He has SOO many fans, it's crazy. Like they showed him walking in a parking lot and he was getting attacked and mobbed by people! Poor kid! He can't even go to the bathroom or buy a hot dog without being attacked by crazed six year olds! And people are like balling their eyes out at his concerts and saying they are going to marry him! Like calm down, he doesn't even know you exist.

One thing I liked is that JB's workers went around and just GAVE OUT FREE TICKETS TO CONCERTS! And the ones they give out are actually good seats! Why can't Taylor Swift do that? He also brings one girl up on stage every concert to be the "One less lonely girl." I thought that was cool.

He kinda seemed like a little diva/ starstruck towards everyone in the movie. But I guess how could you not be ,when you are more famous beyond your wildest dreams.

I remember when he didn't tweet for a few days, and his fans thought he died! Now THAT was funny.

I despised JB before this movie, and now I guess I don't anymore. I'm not a "Fan," but I like him. He's a nice kid who promotes nice things. Like the title for example, "Never say Never," promotes anything could happen and that you should never give up.

Easier said than done.

He will still always sound like a girl to me though, oh well, at least he's hot. Too bad guys like him don't really exist.

Do you like JB? Are you a crazed fan who knows all his songs and would cry if you saw him? Did you see the movie? LEAVE COMMENTS!


Cat :D said...

I do kinda hate him to be honest... Maybe I should watch the film :)

Leia Skywalker Organa said...

I used to hate him...a lot. Then I realized he never actually did anything to be hated for. He doesn't deserve all this bashing from everyone. Yes, he does sound like a girl when he sings, but admit it. He can sing pretty good. Plus he worked hard for his music career. At least that's what I hear.

I think he might be a pretty good person. I wish people would lay off bashing him when he really doesn't deserve it. I can think of ALOOOOOOOT more singers who deserved to be bashed more then him.

I'm not a fan, but I don't hate him.

-Leia <3