Friday, February 4, 2011

Dance Dance Dance!

If you're a dancer then you should read this! I hardly ever get to talk to girls outside my studio and get their opinions, so read on!

Yay! This weekend is the kick- off of our competition season! I'm so excited! Even though our dances aren't that great and still need cleaned A LOT , I'm still really looking forward to being on stage.

I have a two Jazz dances, a Tap dance, two Hip hop dances , and a Musical Theatre dance.

1. Hip Hop- Do you like hip hop as much as I do? Well I LOVE IT!! I have two hip hop dances this year, a duet and large group. I just love that you can add your own flare to hip hop, and dress funky and cool! You get to use the best and most popular songs and the dancing is sick! I can actually say I am good at hip hop, hence another reason why it is my favorite. Do YOU like hip hop? Comment and tell me why!

2.Musical Theatre- Musical Theatre or "Character" is my second favorite type of dancing. It is like Jazz, but with more personality and humor. It's just fun to make those faces and dance to those theatre songs. You get to act more with this type of dancing, which is fun. And lip sinking is always fun too! Do you like Musical theatre dancing? COMMENT!

This picture is from my musical theatre dance last year called "Chicago." Well as you can see, it obviously doesn't say Chicago and the new town is called CHICOGA ILLINOIS!! It was a prop mixup! I was sitting there holding my letter C and the audience is laughing and I'm like.."WHY ARE THEY LAUGHING??" And then that was why.. yay...But don't worry, this year the dance is called "Speaking French," and we don't hold up letters in that dance :p Funny how both of my dances are places in the world... except for Chicoga..

3. Jazz- Jazz is a lot like Musical theatre, it's my third favorite. Jazz is more intense that that I guess. I just think it's really cool and fun to dance and watch. I guess I'm kinda good at it. Do you like Jazz? Comment!!

4. Tap- Tap is really fun but also really tiring and sometimes hard to do. My tap dance is so fast, I'm always breathing really heavily afterwards and sometimes I have trouble getting all my sounds in. But other than that, I love tap! It it just so cool that we can make all of those sounds with our feet! Do you like Tap? COMMENT!

My least favorites are ballet and gymnastics, I'm not the greatest at either of them so that's why..

On competitions-

I know some people don't compete but you've all been on stage before so I bet you can relate!

I always am afraid I'm going to mess up for forget a step or SLIP! I've slipped so many times on those stages! But you just gotta get up and keep going!

Smiling is a HUGE part in dancing on stage too, if you don't smile, it bores the audience because YOU look bored and you get points taken off by the judges!
The judges annoy me sometimes. especially when they sit there with a "I would rather be anywhere but here right now" look on their face. It's like THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE ANYWAY!!? GO HOME! I always try and smile a lot to get the judges to smile too.

I like to see other studios dance too. It's fun to see other people's style and different costumes and songs, etc.

So that was my post on dance! Leave comments! I'd love to hear from you! Wish me luck at my competition tomorrow, I'm going to need it...
And you people who aren't dancers... what is your favorite type of dance to watch?? LEAVE COMMENTS!


Andromeda said...

I'm apparently not as serious a dancer as you, so I've never been in any competitions. xD

I'm so jealous that you get to take musical theatre. This is so weird and pathetic, but when i was younger at my other studio, i had an hour to kill between tap and ballet classes. so i would sit and watch the musical theatre class.
My mom never let me take musical theatre or jazz at that studio because the movements were too "suggestive" for a 9 year old girl, which I don't understand...xD

my new studio doesn't have musical theatre. *sigh*

I take contemporary (which I love because i'm good at it xD) and ballet (which is hard no matter what.)
I'd take more classes, but I need to leave room for theatre stuff. Which totally makes up for not taking musical theatre. xD

~Andromeda, who used to be *coughsavannahcough* before her mom made her take down her real name~