Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Like a Toy

Most Boys,
Treat us girls like a toy.
Playing with our hearts,
Not caring if they break.
They toss us around,
And only pay attention to us when they want to.
They'll scratch us,
And dent us,
But we must try to fix ourselves.

Those boys should realize that we are collectables,
Darling little figures,
That are very fragile.
We need love and care,
And can't just be thrown around and teased,
Because we can crack so easily.
We can't just be thrown away when they get tired of us,
We're worth a lot.

Most boys treat us girls like a toy,
But we are truly collectables.


Savannah said...

I like it alot. Great job. (I'm such a bad poetry critic grr, i'm sorry. So much better at criticing books.)