Monday, November 15, 2010

Just finished Wicked from Pretty Little Liars!

Defiantly one of the best books by far!!!! This book, Wicked, # 5 to be exact, just has so much drama,it makes my mouth water for more! The characters are just so interesting and curious. My Favorite would have to be Hanna or Aria.

If you don't read these books, YOU NEED TO! (Yes Mary, I'M TALKING TO YOU MISSY)
There is just such a great mystery lined up in these books, I don't know what to expect anymore! Some characters are just being killed off (literally) which makes it all the more confusing and exciting. Certain parts in these books has legit made my mouth drop in shock, which happened at the very end of Wicked when something of the unthinkable happens....

Sara Shepard (the author) is genius, and she shows it through these books. The series is also a TV show... but the books are better!
I'm going to try and start book #6, Killer, tomorrow!

Wicked rate- ***** 5 stars!


Mary Ashleigh said...

Ayyyy, the first thing I saw on this post was my name. I am too hooked to the t.v. show! I have to just do one, I will probably like the t.v. show more since I watched it before I read it. haha.