Friday, October 15, 2010

Are you happy now? Poem I wrote.

Are you happy now?
You got what you wanted,
All I see when I look in the mirror,
Is ugly,
Thanks to you.

I hope you had fun,
Stripping me of my cofidence and pride,
Telling me everyone is against me,
Calling me names,
And telling me how lame I am.

My friends told me to ignore you,
But how could I?
When you pound it in my head everyday,
To make sure I never forget,
We used to be best friends,
What happened to the old you?

Maybe you are just jealous,
But it doesn't matter now,
My mind is set.

So now I sit alone,
full of regret and shame,
Over who I am,
And I think of ways to change myself,
But I shouldn't have to,
Should I?

Well congratulations,
You won,
Are you happy now?